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We believe in the value of experience; it forms your passion, your expertise, and your true self.

The pursuit of experience should not be limited and hindered; especially by something as central as what you wear. Using our 50 years of experience developing materials for major sportswear brand, we developed our own fabric and designed our products to be smart, comfortable and perfect for everyday. An apparel without compromise.

We want to make something you want to wear for all your great memories. A companion of your experience to be your self.

Rethinking Apparels 

Clothing is a big part of our life. However, it has not been receiving the respect it deserves. Clothes that is all style but no quality is an insult to you. We all want something that is made for both comfort and style. Clothing without compromise. 


We produce our own materials with our own factory

Great products starts from great materials. We make sure that it is our priority to provide the best products with great quality to our customers.

Our garment factory at Samut Sakhon Province, Thailand


Be your style, Free your self

Life is about living it. Our brand hashtag is not just about clothes but our core belief as well. It is about the experience we are living in. Go on a road trip, eat at amazing food truck, dive with a killer whale. Live your life and tell us about it.

Meet the Founders

Ted K.

A computer science student in U.S.A. who probably loves fashion more than coding. Ted traveled to help an orphanage in Vietnam for his high school project; he found out that the internet signal there is amazing.

Tim K.

Tim is a financial analyst who used to sell tee shirt fabric from a very, very hot warehouse. He like to call those hot days his ‘start-up experience.’ Ted is Tim’s younger brother.

We agreed that there is a better way to provide amazing experience through apparels. Using the garment factory owned by our grandparents for our raw materials, we know we have the best materials to deliver our belief: clothing without compromise that is amazing in both comfort and style.

Experience Our Story